Trader Tryout Subscriptions

From: $159.00 / month



A monthly recurring subscription for one of three Trader Talent Tryout assessment options.*

NOTE: Does NOT include exchange data which you purchase from within TraderTalentPro trading platform. These costs are charged by the exchanges on a calendar month basis we make no income from them. Data required to trade the assessed CME products starts from $3 with payment processed by a third party. 

Your tryout will be assessable on these products and those are what will be available if you pass the Tryout and are offered a live account with a trading firm willing to back you. These are CME group products so we recommend buying the $45 ‘CME Bundle Depth of Market‘ data package.

We currently do not offer Eurex or ICE products for Tryout assessments but plan to in due course. You may still buy data for these other exchanges for viewing purposes only.

Subscribing to one of these Tryout options offers you the chance to prove your ability to trade profitably in a predefined risk framework and receive an equivalent live account from a backing partner firm if successful.

For detailed information on the rules and requirements for each Tryout account type see the links below and the summary points in the product drop-down:

Growth Tryout

Venture Tryout

Rocket Tryout

The product will be available and feature as the most recent account starting TRYT[XXXX] in the account drop-down of the TraderTalentPro software as soon as payment has cleared (continue to log in using the ‘Simulation’ button). If you break any of the Tryout’s rules including exceeding 100% margin exposure your positions you will be auto-liquidated, your trading blocked and you will no longer be under assessment. You will then need to buy a reset for $99 to reactivate trading, reset your balance and begin the assessment once more. We do not offer refunds where you break a rule so learn what they are and be careful to manage your risk.

If you wish to cancel your Tryout subscription take note, you may do so at any time within the Subscriptions area of your account dashboard when logged into but only do so when you no longer want to be assessed. It will remove you from assessment immediately and prevent you from being able to buy a reset. No further payments will be taken once cancelled. You remain responsible for cancelling your market data at the end of the calendar month purchased in TraderTalentPro. However even without data we will still provide you access to trade on Market Replay within TraderTalentPro software until what would have been your next subscription payment date. There are no pro-rata refunds.

For further details of how the Tryouts work please read the FAQ before you make a purchase.

Tryouts may only be purchased by “Non-professional” traders as defined by CME & Eurex where selecting retail rates for exchange data purposes. You were required to complete a digital declaration confirming this when you first opened TraderTalentPro as part of your free trial.

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