Data Fees
Tryouts (Simulation) Accounts

When you are on the paid Tryouts you will need to purchase exchange data. At this stage you are considered a ‘non-pro’ trader and benefit from discounted data rates charged by the CME group to individuals. Payments for data are handled by a third party from within the TraderTalentPro platform so you will need to add your payment method in there.

CBOT Non Pro Level 2 – USD$15/mo (top of book only – $3/mo)

CME Non Pro Level 2 – USD$15 (top of book only – $3/mo)

COMEX Non Pro Level 2 – USD$15 (top of book only – $3/mo)

Nymex Non Pro Level 2 – USD$15 (top of book only – $3/mo)

CME Non Pro Level 2 Bundle – USD$45 (top of book only – $9/mo)

Data Fees
Live Backed Accounts

As you will be a trading a third party’s funds once backed, you will be subject to ‘professional’ data fee charges from the exchanges per their regulations.

Professional data fees, which are subject to change from time time in line with adjustments from exchanges, will generally be as follows (only visible to pro backed traders):

CBOT pro – $132

CME pro – $132

NYMEX pro – $132

COMEX pro – $132

You can select and adjust your data preferences, directly within the Trader Talent Pro live trading software.

Whether buying non-pro data for Tryouts or pro data when live, data fees are never pro-rated, they are billed per calendar month to your direct payment method you enter into Trader Talent Pro (note: Trader Talent does not decide or benefit from these charges and any card/admin fees are applied by the third parties handling the payment.)